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My name is Moe, and I'd like to introduce myself. I'm in eighth grade at Griffith Woods, and here are my five professional profiles. Forgiveness is the subject of my first biography. After a fight, I forgive people.

Forgiveness is the subject of my second biography. When I'm playing with anything, I'm fair. I was riding an electric scooter, for example, and I let all of my cousins try it out.

Kindness is the subject of my third biography. I constantly appreciate folks for their assistance and for providing me with lunch.

Honestly, this is my fourth biography. I'm honest most of the time when I'm in trouble or when my parents ask me a question.

Spirituality is the subject of my fifth biography. I have high aspirations that when I'm older, I'll be someone good, have a happy life, and be compassionate.

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