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Logan Paul Bio

Updated: Jan 10

Hi, my name is Logan and I am a grade 8 student at Griffith woods school. I love playing various sports like volleyball, basketball, and football (American), and I have always had a passion for sports since a young age. One of my favorite hobbies is art, mainly doodling and aerosol can art, most of my art is influenced by content creators and music(primarily rap). https://www.rallypointe.com/

In school my favorite subjects are math and science, I also love Phys Ed and the extracurricular options available to me. When team tryouts come along I try out for those teams because the worst-case scenario is I don't make it. When I work I like to work on my own, however, when I am grouped up I try to work as collaboratively as possible.

I like doing activities with my close friends when I can, especially doing competitions and trick shots on a trampoline. Whenever I am bored I jump on my trampoline for quite a while. I also enjoy doing home workouts as consistently as I possibly can.

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