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A Story of an Art Piece

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Lost by Stacie Monday is a painting that I love, and am going to share what I have created off of this.

For this project, I wanted to create a story based on a piece of artwork. To start I had to research how to analyze art because I was trying to challenge myself by choosing something I knew little about. After that, I found the piece and started writing. My goal was to create a story that would reach my target audience with was younger kids. I have a written version for kids who are able to read and an audiobook version for kids who can't. There is also a glossary at the end.

If you like this piece be sure to check out the rest of her collection!

Kate's Art Analysis

If you want to know how to analyze art Click Here

Artist: Stacie Monday Art Title: Lost Medium: Acrylic, map pieces

  • Lost by Stacie Monday depicts a black woman from the shoulders up with half her face fading into pieces of paper and swatches of paint. She is posed to the side with one shoulder up, it's a very feminine pose and that’s fitting as the artist likes to create art that celebrates black female beauty.

  • The paper has been written and it's a map that represents the missing pieces of Monday’s history

  • She looks like she was posed, but I think it was a moving pose

  • There are several abstract elements the major one is where the paint and paper are where her eyes are and the other is adding texture to the background

  • I think symbolism was used when her eyes were missing. I interpreted this as the feeling of being lost and not being seen

  • The title (lost) refers to the feeling Monday felt when she was trying to figure out her past and her life journey

  • It's part of a collection The Concept of Identity Where she explores her identity as well as shared identity (POC, Women) through portraits

  • There is an emphasis on her face fading into abstract colours and shapes

  • I personally looked at what's there of her face first then my eyes moved up taking in the detail

  • The background has a harsh line to separate colours which differentiates from the smooth curved lines of the women in the painting

  • It has a cohesive colour palette of more muted tones

  • The woman is 3D Whereas everything else is 2D and this provides contrast which I like

  • The light is at the top of the painting and a little towards the left

  • The contrast was used multiple times with the pink and blue colours, with the harsh line compared to the smooth lines of the women

  • It doesn’t have texture but the way it was painted gives the illusion of it

Overall I think this is meant to capture feminity and black beauty while still conveying the feeling of being lost.

Monday's Artist Statement

The Story

The Audiobook

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