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About Edu V-M

Edu V-M. was born in Mexico city in 2008

He was the second born in his family he has an

Older sister. He lives with his mom and dad in

Calgary Alberta.

Some of his interest are:

He also like playing games on his PC like:

  • Minecraft Java

  • Call of duty: Warzone

  • Star wars battlefront 1-2

  • Resident evil 1-8

In his free time he usually goes with his friends to West-hills or the mall.

But sometimes he and his friend Keenan go to skateparks and or watch

Movies at the cineplex. Then sometimes he plays with his dogs.

He love watching movies some of

His favorite movie include:

  • Die hard 1-6

  • Alien

  • Rambo

  • Predator

  • Any marvel movie

  • Star wars saga

  • Signs

  • Back to the future saga

  • ect.

He usually binge watched all of them

At least 8-9 times. And that bring this

Bio to an end so thank you for reading.


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