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All About Adam K.

I’m Adam here are the thing i like to do in free time/hobbies

Adam likes to play soccer in his free time because he enjoys it alot and it's his favourite sport. He likes to play lots of video games in free time with his friends on a playstation because it makes him happy. Adam started playing video games at the age of 8 because he saw his older brother playing and when Adam got a turn he loved the game and decided to keep playing

He likes going to school to hang out with his friends and make new friends and he likes meeting the new teachers he had and he likes helping people with homework.

He’s really good at talking to people and understanding. He likes to help others and his friends because he likes to keep them happy with problems.

Adam’s interested in Architic and being a scientist he loves designing things and loves to do experiments. Adam likes to listen to rap music. It makes him feel good and happy. He started listening to rap when he was 9 because his friends suggested it to him and he started to love it and still listens to it till this day.

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