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All about Antonio

Antonio is a grade 8 student that goes to Griffith woods in Calgary alberta.

Ho loves hockey ever since he could walk ho also loves many other sports like Basketball baseball and lacrosse. His favorite thing to do outside of sports is playing with his friends and playing video games.

In 2020 he started making quarter pipes to,sell and 1 months in he had sold over 30 quarter pipes with his dad and by the end of summer 2020 he had selled 55 quarter pipes. With that money he got from the quarter pipes he went on to by his own pc and other things. In 2021 he decided so keep selling ramps and hired one of his best friend to help him because Antonios dad had to go back to work. The ramps were not selling as good as they were in 2020. So he had to expand by creating a instagram to help with sales and by then he sold another 50 ramps.

Antonio loves mountain biking to that is his favorite thing to do with his friends and with his dad. He lives with his mom,dad,brother,sister and dog they all love different thing but one thing they all love is food.

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