• Erdrina B.

All about Erdrina B.



Erdrina is a grade eight student in Griffith Woods school, and she lives in Calgary. She has a mom, dad, and 2 brothers.

In her free time she likes to hang out with her family and talk to her friends. She loves sports and games, like badminton, volleyball, 9 square and more. She also loves to ride her bike and roller skate. She loves lemons for a snack and looking at the sunsets and sunrises. Her favorite subject in school is Science, she finds it very fascinating!

In 2014, she started school. She didn’t know how to speak english, since she came from an Albanian family her dad was always at work and her mom couldn’t teach her english since she didn’t know the language either.

Now she is in grade eight and knows English pretty well, she is living a normal life with her family in Canada.

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