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All About Hannah S

Hello! My name is hannah and I am a grade 8 student, currently going to Griffith woods school here in Calgary,AB. Right now I am working towards goals like becoming a consistent writer and getting stronger in extracurricular activities such as figure skating, which i have recently started after quitting gymnastics as I had done it for 7 years.

In 2019 I competed in provincials in trampoline

and tumbling received a gold medal then later was invited to westerns in grand prairie and received 5th place for trampoline and tumbling.

Although gymnastics had taken a huge part of my life in september of 2020 I decided to quit gymnastics. Even though this was tough decision I was able to start many other sports like hockey, figure skating and volleyball.

Here on the room to breathe website I am excited to share my work In Humanites.

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