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All About Katherine F.

Katherine Fox was born in Calgary Alberta on January 3, 2008. She is in grade 8 and she goes to Griffith Woods school. Katherine knew from the age of 6 that she loved sports and was very intrigued by all the different sports she could learn and participate in. She tried dance, gymnastics, figure skating, swimming, volleyball, soccer, skiing, golf, and basketball. She loved the fact that each sport made her feel alive and strengthened her for other life obstacles she would face. Later she discovered a passion for feminism and women's rights.

In 2019 Katherine realized she was overscheduled. Every day after school she would get home and immediately go to soccer practice or dance class, that's not even to mention all the homework she was finishing at 9 p.m! She was exhausted! She knew she had to quit some sports to make room for other things she wanted to do. Katherine had to quit gymnastics, dance, figure skating, and swimming. Although she was sad, she now had much more time to spend doing other things that brought her joy.

Next, she would discover her passion for women’s rights. In 2020 Katherine expanded her knowledge and developed her opinions on women’s rights by creating many detailed presentations for class projects. These presentations had many examples of inequality, specifically in women’s sports and unequal pay. One example is Christine Sinclair, who had set many records including becoming the world’s all-time leading international goal scorer for both men’s and women’s soccer. Lionel Messi gets paid 215 times more than what she gets paid a year.

In 2021, Katherine joined a feminism group called Making Waves, which is made up of young smart women who have the same opinion on women’s rights as she. This was a chance to share her opinions and listen to others. To this day Katherine still plays basketball, soccer, golf, and she also skis. Katherine continues to advocate for equality and she hopes that in the future women’s sports and men’s sports will be treated equally.

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