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All About Maya

Maya has grown up in Calgary, Alberta, with her parents, a younger brother, and a dog.

Maya is currently 13 years old. She attends Griffith Woods School and is in eighth grade. When she is in school, she enjoys writing short stories and learning about science, and how the world around her works, she also enjoys doing science experiments. Some of her favourite option classes to take are construction, where she gets to use power tools to make things out of wood, and art where she can be creative with any media and make whatever she wants. When she’s older and enters the workforce, she wants to become a lawyer or a businesswoman.

When Maya isn’t at school, she is usually hanging out with her friends. Some of Maya’s hobbies include playing with her dog, being outside, reading YA fiction novels, listening to almost any genre of music, or creating art. She can also be found in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

Maya loves being outside with her family and enjoys anything that involves being outside. Her favourite place to be when she is not home is the mountains where she can hike, camp, and ski in the winter. She’s even climbed a mountain with her dad as one of her more recent backcountry camping trips!

Maya enjoys participating in sports such as taekwondo, where she is currently a red belt working her way to becoming a black belt; when she’s not doing taekwando, she likes to be a part of school sports. In the future, she would like to join a volleyball team.

Maya believes in global equality and fairness, and that everyone should have equal rights, and equal opportunities, regardless of someone’s gender, nationality, sexuality, whether they are different from you or others, etc., everyone deserves to be treated equally.

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