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All About Ms. Quinn

Ms. Erin Quinn is a lifelong learner, reader, and enthusiast of all things nerdy. Born in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Ms. Quinn quickly learned to love the written word. During the summer after grade 8, for example, Ms. Quinn set out to read every single young adult novel in the Wetaskiwin Library (and succeeded!). Ms. Quinn loved all kinds of learning, but loved the Humanities most of all, and spent her high school years becoming a practiced reader and writer. When it came time to go to University, Ms. Quinn waffled between a few things, finally settling on teaching as her chosen vocation because it would allow her to continue learning every single day of her life.

Ms. Quinn still loves to read and write, and even published a book in 2019 with some colleagues. She did a Master of Education degree a few years ago in the topics of creativity and inquiry in education. She taught at the University of Calgary in the Collaborative Creativity Master of Education degree. In her spare time, Ms. Quinn loves bingeing series on Netflix or Crave, weaving fabrics on her loom, and DIYing things around the house. And, of course, Ms. Quinn still loves to read and voraciously reads YA fiction at any chance she gets. She lives with her sister and their two cats, Mortimer and Oddly.

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