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All about Natasha.

Natasha .w

Natasha was born on February first, 2009, in Calgary. She is in grade 8 at Griffith woods school, her favorite subject is art because of all the different possibilities and things you can do. Outside of school Natasha plays the piano and enjoys getting outside., She has been playing the piano for about 2 years now and also likes creating music on the electronic keyboard. In her family, she has a mom, dad, older brother, and a twin sister.

Natasha loves to travel and experience new things. Natasha has been to most of Canada and some of the united states. One of her favorite trips so far was to Disneyland. A place she wants to visit is Paris because it's a city of love, art, and great food. When Natasha is older she would like to become a flight attendant to travel the world!

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