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Everything You Will Need to Know About Owen Neilson

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

This is a short paragraph on everything you need to know about the student Owen Neilson


Owen was born in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was born on April 12 2008. Owen when growing up has moved all around Canada for his dad's work, But now he lives in Calgary. O

wen has 4 siblings and Owen is the second oldest of his siblings. Owen played many sports growing up like soccer, hockey and basketball. Owen always likes to be in the gym or his bedroom. If Owen isn't doing those things he is at school or with friends. Owen likes to spend time with his family but he doesn't do it as much as he wants to. Owens favourite subject in school is math but only if he understands what he is doing. Owen will sometimes play video games but not so often. Owen has 1 pet and he is a dog named Mozzie.

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