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All about Sophia

Sophia was born at the Foothills Hospital on September 29th, 2008. Her father, mother, and older brother make up her family. She spent most of her days outside in the sun when she was old enough to walk, playing in whatever could amuse her. She would visit her relatives in beautiful Mexico when the time came. As soon as she spotted the ocean, she would jump in and swim.

Sophia had been swimming since she was about seven years old. She took numerous swimming lessons to develop her talents, and after she was through, she began synchronized swimming. She took part in a number of contests. She was the quickest despite being the smallest and youngest, however, she became too agitated to swim about the age of eleven and had to stop.

Sophia had always enjoyed being outside. She experimented with a number of hobbies once she became eleven. One day she happened to come across her older brother's skateboard and had been skating ever since.  After months of practice, she developed a passion for skating.

In addition to skateboarding, she enjoys other activities such as playing the cello, painting and sketching. She also enjoys cooking for her family.

Sophia is a Griffith Woods School student who is enjoying her time in Calgary.

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