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All About Tino K

Constantine “Tino” Kourouniotis was born on April 23, 2008 at 2:36am in Calgary, Alberta. He was a quiet baby and a sweet toddler. Constantine loved to play with his Toy Story toys and still has them in a box today. When Constantine was 3 years old, he had to get tubes placed in his ears because he kept getting ear infections. To this day, Constantine still has sensitive ears and covers his ears when something frightens him.

Constantine's basketball idol was Stephen Curry and always has been Stephen Curry. When Constantine was 5 years old, he started to play basketball at a club named Genesis Basketball. After Genesis, Constantine joined a different basketball club named CYDC. He's played for CYDC ever since. Constantine practices 4 times a week and plays competitively.

Constantine has traveled tons over the years. He's been to Greece, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco and other places. His 2 favourite places that he's been to are Las Vegas and San Francisco. Constantine has also traveled to places for basketball such as Las Vegas, Spokane and Seattle.

Constantine attends Griffith Woods School and is in 8th grade. The subjects he enjoys are gym, science, humanities. The subject he doesn't enjoy is math. When Constantine grows up, he wants to become a Professional basketball player. The college Constantine wants to attend at is Gonzaga University in Spokane. Constant would like to play in the NBA or become an Orthodontist.

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13 janv. 2022

i love toy story toys! u are my toy!

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