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An audiobook that will teach child a really important lesson

Today I made an audiobook which can teach a lesson to child. If you are finding funny audiobook, listen to this one!

I read some poems, called Fire and Ice, I lost my talk, Nothing gold can stay. I could say those poem was really intriguing, and also it had lots and lots of meanings beneath it.

All the poem was brilliant, but i think best one was Nothing gold can stay.

Nothing gold can stay have a lot meanings. like pure, gold, beautiful thing cant stay that long. however, i took this to the first sentence which says, nature's first green is gold. which can analyzed to in early spring, nature is gold. I could find out that this would toghether mean nature cannot stay that long, as people wants it to make their life easier.

By the way, on audiobook, I made a secret lesson like learning is important even though you are rich, either poor.

Download ZIP • 2.29MB

you can download this file to listen.

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