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Anime Podcast And how their made

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

{When podcast people talk they will do an introduction for 15% of the time 70% is main topic and the other 15% is off topic and ending}

1.Choose A Topic

2,Pick A Co-host (optional)

3.Choose A Name

4.Show Format

5.Create Cover Art

6;.Get A Professional Intro (Optional)

7.Get A Microphone

When making a podcast you have to think about what topics your listener will be hooked in to

Podcast i listened to: the weeb weekly and jumpers jump

In the weeb weekly they talk about naruto fan theories and other types of theories of anime while the jumpers jump podcast talks about how to make a podcast and what things are needed to make one {and what's optional} also when Jumpers Jump started to talk about a more liked topic the voice was more in focus and more serious then when there regularly talking

In the Weeb Weekly podcast I reflected on them since they started with a subject more people would know about to keep them listening longer. I also liked how they were very inter active while still being one person and this makes me feel more interested as a listener. Also I like how they talk and how they communicate the topic to the listeners. The facts were honest and convincing, and I listened until the very end because it was really interesting to me.

Also while listening to jumpers jump I felt very invested into how they could change their tone of voice depending on what they were talking about; it just changes the mood for their listeners. I think that's very important when you're trying to communicate clearly as well as boldly. This seems effective as I enjoyed their efforts.

I was influenced by how clearly they made everything seem and how i could understand what they were talking about especially jumpers jump with the episode of how to make a podcast. This helped my project by giving me facts to make my podcast a whole different experience. I think this seems effective on me and my project.

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