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Attack on Titan: The Big Trialer

Hajime Isayama's great masterpiece, a thrilling show with a deep story plot. A trailer from Eren Yeager's beginning to his undenying fate.

After annotating all five Attack on Titan trailers, I made one that was able to cover the overall seasons and purpose of this animation Taking in mind the style and music of these trailers, I tried to add my own little things. With that, I also focused on inhale goal 3; noticing how the literary devices work in the text along with what techniques were used to create and enhance the tone and mood. I also wrote and recorded an artist statement but I will only talk about the trailer for it is my main project.

While making my trailer, I had exhale goals 11 and 12 in mind; using a film device in which tone and mood interrelate and emulating the style of a particular creator/genre. I choose to focus on the genre of action/dark fiction since that was the genre of AOT. I did not choose to emulate the style of WIT studio or MAPPA because I wanted to add my own little things to the trailer.

This trailer took me WAY longer than I expected but I was pretty proud of the outcome. The transitions of the music and clips are something that I tried to smooth out thoroughly, so I hope you notice them. Overall, this was probably one of my most interesting projects but I would not be doing this again any time soon because it's too much work!

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