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Basil personal bio


A twelve year old who is a boy, filled with adventures, Humor, Kindness, love, honesty and spirituality.


Basil was raised and born in the beautiful city of Calgary. When Basil was 5, he went to kindergarten at battalion park. Basil then went on to grade 3 when he moved out of the country and studied abroad he then stayed there till grade 4. Until on August, 18 2018 when they decided to move back to Canada, Calgary. When they got here they were so astonished to be back, Basil went to a Islamic School in grade 5 until grade 7 things were going good at his School until they decided to move far away from Basil. Basil then went to a School near him called Griffith Woods where he learns till this day.


Basil had 2 older sisters when he was born then he got another sister and after that a brother who he spends a lot of time with til this day.


Basil has a lot of friends like Joe, Jerry and Devis who he knew from grade 1.

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