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Button Poetry

This project revolves around the art of slam/button poetry A.K.A spoken word, this type of poetry is similar to rapping but it has no music and it is more about speaking from the heart. This type of poetry is meant to be inspirational or to send a message to public about something they find urgent. For this topic I wrote my own slam poem.

This is my poem below

What we have done ( a story about our world)

Couple days back I went to get some books at the downtown library

And every person poor and homeless were smoking blunts and

While others drink until there drunk

I get to hear the chants for innovation. For what reason

Fix all the real problems by not adding more

Making new buildings about learning about stuff you forget about

Makes no sense because only the people who can afford to be in there

Are the ones not debt

But neighbourhoods built years ago are crumbling apart

Oh and the inflation is not helping at all

There is something I call the circle of some life

Step1 someone becomes poor Step2 they drink to cope

Step3 they smoke to cope Step4 they lose even more more to their copes

This cycle continues on until 1 a miracle happens

Or two the repeat it until they die and most likely forgotten

Sad right

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