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Daniela's Biography

Daniela was born at the RockyView Hospital on November 6, 2007. She lives with her Mother, Father and her older sister. As soon as Daniela was able to walk she would fill her time by kicking the soccer ball around the house. Soon this hobby would quickly become her passion as she fell in love with the sport. She joined her first soccer team at the age of four, despite the fact that she was terrified of all her opponents. She needed her parents to hold her hand on the soccer field, until one day she faced her fears and stepped on the field without her parents by her side.

At the age of 8 Daniela joined her first official club team. Although her team was very bad and they lost every game Daniela was determined to be the best of the best. She would go to the soccer field for endless hours trying to improve her skill. When she was 10 she joined a tier 1 team in Calgary. Daniela was very happy about this as she continued to grow her skill as a soccer player.

Shortly after when Daniela had reached the age of 11 she made her way to Vancouver where her team won gold in her tournament. Daniela has been involved with many tournaments across western Canada and Montana. When away at a tournament Daniela enjoys exploring and touring the area. Her main goal in soccer is to be a player on an Alberta Youth Soccer league (AYSL) team and play competitively against teams from other Alberta cities.

Aside from soccer, there are other parts of Daniela. She frequently finds herself lost in a world of books. Daniela loves going on walks during the day. She enjoys playing the piano as well as listening to a wide variety of music. Daniela loves the concept of art and even though she isn’t a talented artist she still fills her time drawing or painting. Movies are one of her passions as she has seen over 500 movies in her lifetime. Baking and cooking are Daniela’s expertise and she likes to follow recipes and share what she creates in the kitchen with her family. Now Daniela is enjoying her life in Calgary as she attends Griffith Woods school.

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