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Elio's Biography

I am a grade eight student in Griffith-woods school, I began to develop interest in music at the age eight.When i was seven years old I tried four different instruments flute, piano, cello, clarinet, but that was when I was in grade three.When I was in grade 3 I started cello as my main instrument but….that did not work out(it hurts my hand) and at the same year I started flute as same as cello my hand couldn’t handle so many keys.

At grade 4 I stared piano and clarinet at the same time, when I was playing piano my left hand was copying my right hand(which is a bad sign) so I decided to play the clarinet, I got my fist clarinet from my family member, and when I played it it was fun and easy(except making the noise was the hardest thing in the world).

Me and my family moved to Canada in 2016, when I moved to Canada, I did not know English so communicating was hard, but time fasted and I slowly but surely learned english.

I am a big fan of anime, biking, and hanging out with friend.When I am around my friend times goes too fast, but when I am with my brother it feels like time is going way too slow, so in conclusion I love hanging out with my friends and playing video games also last but not least I love anime.

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