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Elize Matsunaga and the killing of her husband

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Elize Matsunaga, she was married but one day she

decided to kill her husband because she saw him cheating on her.


People love crime documentaries well I don't know about you but I do. Here I have one for you. Elize Matsunaga age 40 she speaks Portuguese she loved going out but one day she saw this dating app she signed up and everything until she met a man.

They liked each other posts so then one day they decided to go out and they when out and a few years later they got married but it all ended on May 19, 2012.

Elize killed her husband chopped him up, and threw him on the side of the streets. This all happened because she saw him cheating on her. She had grabbed one of the guns they had in the house and waited for him to come home she pulled the trigger once he stepped through the door. She shot him right through the head, grabbed one of the knives from the kitchen and chopped him up. She threw him in the closet and then a few days.

Later she threw him in a suitcase and threw him on the side of the street the fled to her grandparent's house.

She had told no one that she had killed her husband she kept it a secret but she was super worried that she will be found out.She left back to go to her apartment but she was caught in the act. she was taken to court and she was proven guilty.

Elize got sentenced to 19 years in jail. she had told them everything that happened and they determined if it was the truth once they finished with everything they had proof that she was not lying and 3 years was taken off her sentence. They claimed it as second-degree murder I don't know why but it does not make sense why they would. I thought they would have claimed it as a first-degree murder because she waited at the door for him to come once he opened the door she had shot him in the head and once he fell o the ground he grabbed a knife and she started to chop him up and I think that's why I think its a first-degree murder because it was planned I don't know what you think but this is in my opinion.


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