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Updated: Jan 12, 2022


Connie was both born and raised in Calgary and has lived there her entire life. She is currently a grade 8 student studying at Griffith Woods school. Growing up she enjoyed creating art and drawing a lot, with and without classes to teach her. She is lucky to have a family who she feels content and comfortable with and over the years she improved and refined her art skills.

Having never really thought or worried about a career path for her future, she is open to new opportunities and possibilities.

Ever since she was young, it was hard for her to socialize with people and preferred to not stand out. It was difficult to make friends by herself and she liked to stick to a small group of people. As she got older it didn’t change that she was extremely introverted and she would rather stay home and cuddle with her cats and watch a tv show.

Connie’s family signed her up for piano lessons at a young age and she has been playing the instrument ever since. For most of those years she was never really fond of playing and wouldn’t concentrate when practicing, but unexpectedly after the pandemic and having online lessons she grew more attached to the instrument and started appreciating practicing and learning it.

She is happy with her life and enjoys being with her family and friends.

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