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Grand Theft Auto Massive Story Explained In Just 10 Minutes

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

In this video Faisal explores the lifestyle of Michael, Trevor ,and Franklin while they go on journeys in the game GTA. Story mode is long and complicated but is a one of a kind experience for fans of the genre


I played the game for my inhale and had developed the characters' various personalities and backgrounds. I made a graph that depicts the beginning, middle, and end of the storey. And the moods of the characters at different points in the storey. Goal 3 was to observe the plot character and topic, while goal 16 was to create a text that included crucial information.

My inhale and exhale were the things I was most proud of. I went over the storey in great detail and believe I accomplished my purpose. I was also pleased with myself for being able to condense the storey into an 8-minute film.

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