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How "The Silent Sea" series became popular (Yes, it's on Netflix)

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The exciting franchise you keep on hearing about, explained. Why is it going so viral? Is it the next "Squid Game"? In this article, we will be breaking down the facts and the plot so stay tuned.

Let's talk about how good the quality of this show is. The lighting, cast, plot, and the wonderful suspense. If you saw this show, you would know that "The Silent Sea" is a thriller, and has many exciting scenes. So let's get started.

1. PLOT:

It starts with a broken and dried up world, the water almost gone with desperate people. So the government launches a mission involving a crew full of talented and decorated people, their skills needed in critical times. They go to the Moon and tries to retrieve a mysterious sample; the key to save humanity.

But when they arrive, things are not as expected. Unexpected deaths, deadly attacks, glitches in the system, shady governments, and most of all; something they've been feared most.

A virus like sickness spreads and kills of several, even dozens of people. But what they found out is even more dangerous then you can ever think.

The sickness is the sample they had to receive.

The show makes viewers rethink about their choices in life, how their priorities impact them, and what humanity is really about.


The quality of this show is immaculate. First, the lighting is important. The dark and mysterious feeling about this draws viewers in. The setting in this show is tension-high as well as nerve wracking. It shows realistic topics; both hard and easy. It makes you agree that the world is really not okay, and that sometimes everything is not as wonderful as it seems.

The quality of this show also includes the amount of work directors and cast put in, their facial and body expressions powerful and tense, their characters not breaking a bit.

They show the struggle of their jobs, their personal life, and why they chose the path.

As a fan myself, I can agree that the quality is professional, and something that is way better than I expected.


Even though the plot and character development is immaculate, there needs to be a good cast to make it come alive. Well, you got it covered because there are many famous actors and actresses in this show that help it rise to fame. Let's list some below:

- Han Yun-Jae (Gong Yoo)

- Doctor Song (Bae Donna)

- Kim Jae-Sun (Heo Sung-Tae)

And more.

If you're interested or even excited to see this show again, just go on Netflix and enjoy with popcorn and soda. Have fun!

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