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I'm not an adjective, I'm a noun: A brand new inspirational poem by Silvana S.

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

This is a poem I wrote that connects to feminism.

For this I used Inhale goal #5 & Exhale goal #15

In my inhale I read 3 different poems that connected to feminism and annotated on how they were similar and different.

Don’t be a Silvana they explained

Why do they even consider me a term for all things brave

I’m confident, smart, fast & strong.

Yet everyone is trying to prove me wrong

Why do you try to compete with me all the time

It’s like your life mission is to try & be better than me

Here I am being myself

Yet you and your jealousy are trying to sabotage my strengths

When I ace a test or when something amazing happens to me,

You’re always there watching me, hoping that today is the day I mess up

For when I do, you make me feel like the fall is so big

But I’m an adjective, not a noun like you

I’m as smart as a calculator,

As strong as a black belt,

As fast as a rocket

And more confident than the rest of the crowd

You make me feel average, dull & weak

But you can’t comprehend that a girl can be all of these things

You laugh at me behind my back

You say my name when you thought I wasn’t listening

Their voices are louder than they’d guessed

So why would you even think I couldn’t hear them

I’m an adjective, something people try to beat

They want to beat me for no good reason but I have had enough

I am Silvana

The girl who is always feminist

The one who always wears dresses

The one who always proves you & your friends wrong

You think you’re superior just because of your gender

And now when I’m smarter than you, you can’t accept the fact that you’re not number 1

You that she can’t be a girl anymore

Just because she’s strong

So then one day you deceit me and everyone else

Say that I’m not a girl anymore

I’m nicknamed a whatever

Because everyone knows a “girl” can’t be tough

They tried to silence my confidence

They tried to spread rumors and lies

So then they betrayed me again & again

Just so that the confidence in me would die

You can’t grasp the idea of someone so Brave

So you tried to take that part of me away

She’s fast

She’s never lost a race

She makes all the boys want to threaten her speed

They lie & say that they’re faster

Throw tantrums when she’s proved them wrong

She is a girl. She is not a boy.

She is caring and loving

This once noun, now an adjective, she’ll fight for what’s right when life isn’t fair

Kind & sweet, she will always be there for her friends

No matter how many people try to hurt us

You can’t fathom a girl being better

But I’ve already proved you wrong

Silvana isn’t a noun. She’s an adjective.

And she is who she is.

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