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"Imagine" by John Lennon Song Interpretation.

Imagining a world according to these memorable lyrics.


For me and Natashas inhale we decided to read and listen to "Imagine' by John Lennon and annotate what we thought the point of view was. For our goal, we wanted to explore a text with a point of view different than our own. One thing I am proud of was my sister's drawing.


For our room to breathe project, we chose to listen to “Imagine” by Jhon Lenon and draw a picture of what we thought the world would be like according to the song. We chose to make a peaceful scene because we thought that if we followed the song the world would become peaceful, sunny and nice. We chose to put a road to represent moving away from a bad world and into a good one. We also chose to put birds and a deer to represent wildlife and its importance in an average event like driving down a road. Overall we wanted our piece to be nice and calm and have lots of nature and flow nicely.

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