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Incredibles- An incredible review

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

After watching the "Incredibles" movie, I made a slide show for my review on this movie. Was the movie good?

The Incredibles. One of many Pixar's classics. It was a big hit back in the early 2000's. One of the popular superhero topics. But is Incredibles truly good? Here we take a look at the movie to discuss if this movie is truly good.

The "Incredibles" isn't your ordinary superhero movie. The creator of the incredibles (Brad Brid) thought of animation as just a way to make movies, not its own genre. So, when he directed 'Incredibles' he wanted to focus on maturing the movie, and wanted to attract many adult audiences.

The movie is heavily realistic and relatable. The way the characters lives are portrayed is very realistic. At first it seems it’s made for kids. But you go in deeper into the movie and it’s clearly for adults. Trying my best not to spoil anything, but the life of the protagonist is so relatable, and realistic. His arguments and conversations are illustrated so realistically, sometimes uncomfortably so.

You can download the slides down here if you wanna see more of the review.

Incredibles review
Download PPTX • 1.05MB

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