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It chapter 2 Is One of The Best Movies of 2019 (2)

The thrilling sequences in the movie allowed the movie to gain popularity. I wrote a long useful review about this movie and took notes on special/ important scenes.

Scary movies are not my things because i do get scared a lot in movies. I was listening to what characters would say, figurative language, plot, etc, then write about it. My goal was just to have enough information so i could feel confident when speaking and properly be able to show what i've done in my work.

The main idea of this movie was to defeat Pennywise the evil clown that returns after 27 years to the town where the " Losers Club " in. They defeated the clown in 1992 when they were kids. Now, adults, the Losers club have to defeat their biggest fears to kill and destroy the insanely evil clown pennywise once and for all.

Click here to listen to my podcast about this movie

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