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Izzy's Biography

Updated: Jan 10

This is a biography about Izzy's life.

Izzy is 13 years of age and the oldest of three siblings, she has just begun the 8th grade. Some of her hobbies and favourite things to do with her free time include watching Netflix, going on the trampoline with her sibling, enjoying the outdoors, drawing and painting, playing video games with her brother and walking her dog Ace.

Being active plays an important role in her life, she takes part in after school activities such as rock climbing once or twice a week for about two hours. One sport that Izzy played and loved for most of her life is soccer. In the winter time Izzy and her family will go cross country skiing, sledding and ice skating on frozen ponds or rivers.

Izzy is a great leader toward her family and friends, she has a really amazing understanding and appreciation for everything around her in life. She definitely has a spark for creativity, and a determined person in the things she is passionate about.

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