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Jaxon’s DeadPool Artist statement.

Hello, my name is Jaxon and I created a 3D model of DeadPools Katana from DeadPool 2, I created the model on Tinker-Cad after doing research on my DeadPool movie.

I tried creating the exact replica of his Katana from the movie. I used skills from Grade 7 construction class on Tinker-cad which helped me in creating this model. I was originally going to use Black and red just like DeadPools suit and katana but I had ended up making the katana out of meshed blocks making it one single piece so I could not add red accents which really would’ve added to the whole model. The movie DeadPool 2 really inspired me to create his katana because I love how it looks and how he can flip around and do cool moves with his katana. I made his katana because he is mostly just an average guy (With super regenerative powers) But no real fighting powers like laser beams or superhuman strength he is just good with weapons and trained as a Mercenary/ Assassin / Martial arts. Which is all possible in the real world. I want my viewer to feel as if DeadPool is not some perfect superhero and instead as an average guy who makes mistakes in his life.

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