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Jessica H

Jessica is a student of Grade 8 in Griffiths Woods School, she was new to Calgary but with a great enthusiasm, she lives in St Moritz, her neighbours are very kind and easy to get along with. She is hoping to have more friends in this new city.

Her hobbies include:

* Listening to music, because music can make her feel very comfortable.

*Drawing, she is not good at talking, so drawing is another way to express her feelings.

*Reading books about science fiction or suspense fiction, she thinks those types of fiction are really interesting for me.

*Badminton, she thinks doing sport is a very good way to keep our body healthy, but she is not the kind of person that loves doing fierce sports, so badminton is a nice choice for her.

Jessica always has a dream about being really good at drawing, so she keeps learning and practicing drawing. Although she isn’t very good at drawing, she is getting better at it and she thinks she will finally get it.

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