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The Most Important Choice

The Matrix Minimalistic Poster
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The matrix offers a choice to stay or leave but you have to make that choice.

The matrix Poster represents the choice that people in the movie get to make which is to stay or to leave the matrix. when i was taking my notes about the movies plot and theme i had goals such as making the text communicate the theme and notice literary devices and the poster just looks really good for being minimalistic.

credit to Larry

My work is a poster about the matrix and it is a Neat and organized poster with a sci-fi genre built into it.

The layout I chose for the poster is to put the focus on the two pills and not mainly on the quote at the bottom of the page.

My poster represents the theme of choice in the matrix between choosing a boring life in the matrix or an exciting new life outside the matrix as shown with the red and blue pills. Which inspired me to make my work the way it is.

I didn't do that many details as I chose to do a minimalistic poster with a more simple design, but I did make sure to add the two pills which represent the choice and the quote from the matrix in a green writing inspired by the matrix code.

The colors I chose to use are not only just from the movie, they each have a meaning such as the blue pill representing a sad and repetitive life while the red in the other pill represents a fun and exciting new life to explore. While the green of the codes represents the activity happening in the world.


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