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Kanye-A true musical mastermind of our century-this is why.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Kanye has been one of the most influential rappers/producers of our generation. But why? Let's talk about that.

In my inhale, I listened to and annotated "Runaway", "Everything I Am", and "Violent Crimes" by Kanye West, because of their meaningful lyrics and extraordinary beats. Those three are easily Kanye's top 5 most influential songs, whether it be because of the lyrics or the quality of the song itself. My inhale goal was to notice how literary devices work in a text and to explain how techniques the creator uses interrelate to create and enhance tone and mood in texts, while my exhale goals were to create a text that notes key information and use specific quotations to summarize major ideas and supporting ideas, and create a text that is from a point of view different from my own. I can proudly say that I did all three of these well. The part I'm proudest about this project is definitely about the time and dedication I put into the website I created. It required loads of effort and in the end it came out to be something I am very proud of.

Who is Kanye?

Kanye Omari West is one of the most influential rappers of our generation. Born in '77, Kanye grew up with divorced parents and moved in with his mom at the age of three in Chicago, Illinois. Ye started producing beats to then start making his own music, and rapping on it. So, who is Kanye? A true musical mastermind.

Why do I like Kanye?

Kanye is a very misunderstood person. Always screwing up, always apologizing and always having a different take on things. I feel like I've always felt the same way. As a person I can't even remotely relate to what Kanye has been through but I can on a deeper level. Kanyes music and lyrics show clear growth in him, from a bit of a douche and a "pimp" to a very down to earth man with 4 children. That really stands out to me, and makes me want to better myself as well.

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