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Learning about Vanessa L.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021


Vanessa was born in Alberta where she grew up with the love of art from a young age. She discovered her fondness for art in kindergarten and preschool and continued to practice and draw regularly. Vanessa is very inspired by her sister’s art and tries her best to improve her skills every day. Over the pandemic was when she started branching out and trying new mediums and art styles, such as watercolour and digital art. People and environments are her favourite things to draw.

Vanessa is in grade 8 attending Griffith Woods school, in Ms. Vandertoon’s class. She has been in Griffith Woods since grade 6 and continues to enjoy her time there. Math, science, art, and social studies are the subjects that she is most interested in and enjoys the most. Her friends also share the same interests, making it easier and more fun to learn. Outside of school, she practices her guitar and takes badminton lessons. At first, she found badminton to be tiring and boring, but Vanessa now finds it fun. Vanessa aspires to become an artist when she becomes older.

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