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Learning More About the Characters of the movie "Moana"

Moana is one of Disney's gems. This journey is about a young girl who dreams to sail onto the ocean, but is restrained by her father. A big obstacle of this movie is she does not know how to sail, until she meets Maui. Maui is a Demigod of the wind and sea and was well loved of the people, until he stole the Heart of Ta Fiti. Moana and Maui have to face Te Ka (lava monster) To restore the heart.

For my project I had to watch "Moana," write about the characters and write about the lessons I have learned by meeting this character. I used the Analyzing bookmark and the Character Graphic Organizer to help with this project.

First off the characters


Now with the graphic Organizer. This is a helpful tool and is easier to understand the work you are trying to express. If you haven't used one before than I suggest it (looks confusing but it's not).

Now with the lessons I learned from meeting this character and how I have changed.

Last off are the poems I created for the characters Moana, Maui and inspiring Grandma Tala. I created each poem my self and created the art work with some images and colors that define these characters. I hope you enjoy and learn from my project.

Project goals- 2 &

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