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Life of Evelyn S.

My professional biography

Starting music at an early age, Evelyn started her journey of music. Using a mini electronic piano to start, she played around with the sound of the piano. Listening to many genres of music from classical to bands, she grew up with a wide variety of music tastes. In 2016 she started to take piano lessons and got an actual piano.

Around 2017 she began to do examinations for piano. Getting a high enough score in her first exam got her into a performing arts festival for the after exams. After another year, she performed at 2 festivals of her grade and won.

Along with her music passion, she is also a grade 8 student at Griffith Woods School. She enjoys many other activities along with music; such as sports, art, anime, and the outdoors. Now in 2021, she continues her musical passions and performances and hopes to be a performing pianist.

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