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"Little women" The Bright Life of 4 Sisters

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

What could be so interesting about the lives of the 4 sisters? Greta Gerwig's Little Women is a thrilling film based on Louisa Alcott's novel. The 4 sisters always had different passions growing up Jo being the writer, Amy being the painter, Meg always having a heart for others, and Beth loving playing the Piano. The film shows the life of the sisters and them growing up.

My, inhale for this project I decided to watch and read "Little Woman (2019)" directed by Greta Gerwig and read the novel "Little Women" written by Louisa May Alcott and annotated the film/book based on my goal of exploring texts from different perspectives. For my exhale I have created a movie review of my description of the movie and the characters. My exhale goal for this project was to create a text to show my opinion, experience, and ideas. I'm proud of the way I had written this review and truly think that I have reached these goals.

Greta Gerwig’s Little Woman was a film originally adapted from Louisa May Alcott's novel. The novel was based on Alcott’s life story and her life growing up with her 3 sisters. There have been many adaptations of the film, the most recent one being Greta Gerwig’s film filmed in 2019.

In the film, the characters were perfectly acted out and portrayed very well. Out of the four sisters, the antagonists in this film are two of the sisters Amy (Florence Pugh) and Jo (Saoirse Ronan). I think this because in a lot of moments they can be more self-centered especially with Jo's temper and Amy’s greediness. Even though Jo March is my favorite character in the film, I have to admit that she can be the protagonist at times. As they get older and years pass they do start to lose their antagonist character only because they get older and start to mature.

Our protagonists in the film were Beth (Eliza Scanlen), Meg (Emma Watson), and Laurie (Timothee Chalamet). The other two sisters and Laurie are our protagonists for the film. I think this because they show that character throughout the movie like when Beth had been visiting the Hummels and taking care of them, not knowing that it would cost her her life. Meg understands that since she is the oldest and she doesn't have the time or need to become frustrated with small things. And Laurie. He is a humble person and always has been there for the four sisters and took care of them which makes him our protagonist.

Analyzing the plot. The film plot was that each sister found their passion in life. Megs’s passion was fancy dresses, kids, family, marriage. Jo’s passion would be her love for writing, reading, and Shakespear. Amy’s passion is her Painting and art, her love for Laurie. Beth’s passion would be playing piano, finding humanity, and her love for others. This film didn't particularly have the main plot and it was mainly the 4 sisters growing up their experiences, and their life story.

This movie surely had lots of potentials and was enjoyable. My main call-outs for this movie were the acting. The cast was able to represent this film and showed the true character just like the books. Aside from the sisters, the side characters Laurie, Fredrich, Marmee, Mr. Laurence, and more also played an important role in the movie and also brought the movie to life.

The time period played a big role in the movie as well, especially when the newspaper company wanted the women in Jo’s novel to be married or dead at the end since standards for women were very low back then. Back then they usually had balls and dances, big fancy dresses, and tailored suits. But as time passed we have evolved from that era. Back then women were usually put into labor while most men were at battle. Greta Gerwig’s film was one wholesome charismatic road of events. I would recommend this film to anyone with siblings, anyone who likes classic films, anyone who likes hopeless romantics, and just anyone in general. This film can be for all audiences and surely you will want 4 sisters too!

By Vanessa R

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