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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Very good gamer explains why is the best browser horror game ever... is a browser horror game, the homepage you go to will be really friendly and cute, but the gameplay is horrifying, people will not expect the game to be that scary when they enter the door to the fancy island.

The game is about a person that goes to explore a place called Lomando, which means Fancy Island in Japan, you have to fight monsters and figure out codes, the game will end if you reach the gallery where you can see all the monsters in the game and their names.

For me, I really like this game because it has a lot of things I enjoy like the puzzles, I also like these kinds of horror games because it's not that scary, but not completely without horror things, even though the game is small, it still really fun and it should be recommended to people who like horror games.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, Lomando has both too, its advantages are that the game isn’t one of those 5-hour horror games that you need days or weeks to complete, it only needs 10 minutes for you to complete the whole game. Its disadvantages are that some of the scares don’t appear as gifs, they’re youtube videos, so that makes the jumpscares harder for people to see.

I think there is a hidden meaning to this game, and that is Even the most pretty and beautiful things can have dark and horrifying secrets (the home page and the actual gameplay).

(Video posted by me)

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