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Mia's Biography

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Mia was born on July 22, 2008, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where she still living to this day. Mia at the age of 4 starting enrolling in a variety types of dance. She tried out hip hop, jazz, modern, and ballet, winning gold medals in various events. Mia enrolled in the Alberta Ballet School at the age of eight, where she continued ballet and contemporary dance and even performed in the Nutcracker. At 12 years old Mia stopped dance as it was getting stressful and didn't fit into her schedule.

Mia is currently a grade 8 student who enjoys learning LA and science. She always look forward to the different choices of option classes every year.

Outside of school, Mia enjoys skateboarding as she’ll take her free time visiting parkades and skateparks with her friends, drawing any concept of art, and baking. Music takes up in a lot of Mia’s interests and focus as she’s presently learning the piano.

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