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  • Paige M.

Michael Myers Strikes Again

Michael has escaped prison and has decided to terrorize the town of Haddonfield one last time. Laurie is looking to kill Michael to put an end to this all. Will Laurie defeat Michael or be defeated?

Laurie has taught herself many self-skills since the murders, which appears to be her way of coping. She is brave and afraid at the same time. As the movie continues, she appears to become less and less afraid of Michael, like at the start she couldn't even go near him without screaming but near the end, she fought him herself.

Allison looks to have a difficult connection with her mother, but a lovely bond with her grandmother.

After surviving an attack by Michael Myers himself on Halloween night we see kills involving knives going through throats, neck-snapping, jaw-breaking, and more.

I noticed this story focuses more on Laurie.

The actor did a great job showing the mental and physical trauma Myers dumped on her years ago. Though she acted very tough in this film she still managed to show some weakness deep down.

This movie was full of plot twists which personally kept me intrigued throughout the movie. They used many different levels of volume and lighting to set the scene. Michael didn’t talk the whole movie, it seemed to create some sort of mystery, as silence is frequently used in horror movies especially before jump scares.

I enjoyed this Halloween more than the others. It seemed more interesting and scary. Has to be one of my favourite horror movies of all time.

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