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Reviewing Mark Shawalan's Unbelievable Film "Coach Carter"

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

For this project, I watched an amazing basketball film named "Coach Carter". For my inhale work, I annotated the movie and wrote down the key players in the movie and how there roles altered the movie. My goals for my annotations were to distinguish from both the theme and topic from the movie.

Tino's Review On Coach Carter:

Coach Carter was a great movie that brought basketball and school together. I really liked how Mark Shwalan showed what it takes to play at an elite level and have to work hard in school at the same time. This movie was released in 2005, but the film was set in 1999. Coach Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) is the main character. He’s tough but fair. Others like Timo Cruz, Kenyon, Lyle, Worm also played big roles in this movie as well. You could see how the characters they picked out for this movie were very good and that these actors were believable as poor and underprivileged. Coach Carter is compassionate but he also expects a lot from the student athletes. There are moments where Timo Cruz works very hard to get his spot back on the team but doesn't earn it at first. It relates to how in life you have to work hard to get something but it takes a lot of patience. This movie adds things like poor settings to help demonstrate the hopelessness that the students face. This movie was overall great, I suggest you should watch this movie if you're a basketball lover.

My Opinion: My opinion on this movie is that it is a great movie and that it should get more hype around it considering it really doesn't. I liked how they plotted it out right which made me happy. Some of the things I liked about the plot was how they did not switch to school often and stuck to the basketball side of the movie. I liked how they really added racism in it as well. They added things like statistics on how the black community's people don't live till 24 without a job and that if they don't go to school and do bad things they will go to jail. I also liked how coach Ken Carter does the right things even though you may think he's crazy. Some examples are when his athletes are doing terribly off the court and he locks the gym until they do better in class. The cons of this movie would be that they could have added a better ending. The ending wasn't that great, making the whole movie feel like an average movie. If they added a better ending I would rate it 10/10 but for now I would give it a 8/10.

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