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What my Childhood Looked Like

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Wanna know about my life when I was younger...? This is it.

When I was 5 I started taekwondo because my parents wanted me to learn self-defense. I really enjoyed taekwondo because it was a way to get new friends and meet new people. I had to leave taekwondo temporarily because in grade 3 I moved from Vancouver to Calgary. I joined a new taekwondo academy in Calgary which was extremely far from my house. I kept on doing taekwondo and competing in tournaments until grade 7 because with all my school work and chores at home it was too stressful for me. In the future, I would like to go back to taekwondo as it is something that I really enjoyed.

One of my favorite things to do is to I feel that one of my bigger

spend time with my friends. When I'm with my accomplishments is that i'm pretty

friends I feel a lot more cheerful and I feel like active. I try to do as much fun

they won't judge or criticize me. I enjoy biking activities as I can Ex: going to the

with them, hanging out with them at school and movies with friends, biking, hiking

just spending time with them. Me and my friends , ect. I enjoy doing these activities

try to hangout as much as possible because we will because they add more fun into

probably get separated in high school. I would be my life. Sometimes on weekends

a really sad person if I didn't know the friends I I can tend to be very lazy though

know right now. It's a bummer that we are not which I should fix. Another

all going to the same high school but hopefully reason I enjoy most activities is

I'll see them in college or university. because they let me bond more

with people close to me.

Hopefully I can keep having fun

with my friends for a long time to


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