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Roy Henry Vickers Inspired Artwork

Roy Henry Vickers was born in Greenville, British Columba, on June 4, 1946. Vickers is a Canadian artist. He is also a carver, design adviser, keynote speaker, and author of several successful books.

Vickers is an abuse and drug survivor, he now talks and spreads awareness about them. Roy Henry Vickers is a recognized indigenous leader in the first nation community. Famous people like Bill Clinton and former Soviet Union leader, Boris Yeltsin received an art print from Vickers. He has won many awards for his art and involvement in the community.

Roy studied traditional First Nations art and design at the Gitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Art in Hazleton. Vickers work can be found in private and public collections and galleries around the world such as Ottawa, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Osaka.

In his paintings he has a backstory, adds indigenous words or symbols, uses colour to express emotion, and many of Vickers artworks also include water.

For my painting, I recreated one of my favourite places, which is Twin Lakes. Why did I choose the colours? The main colours I have are: blue, green, and white. I added them just because they are the colours of everything, but I made them a bit more neon/bright because Vickers makes his colours stand out. I made the water and sky inspired by the design that Vickers did.

Roy Henry Vickers is an amazing artist and is one of Canada's most successful artists. I am glad I saw his artwork because he made me look at it differently because he showed that there is always a meaning in art.

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