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Samantha H. Life

Samantha was born on December 10, 2007, at the Rocky View Hospital, she now attends Griffith Woods school and is in grade eight. Her mother introduced her to reading at a young age, and she quickly took a liking to it. Samantha reads to escape this reality and to travel to another, along the way she educates herself in literature. As she spent her time with her nose in a book she realized that music was another passion of hers.

In 2019, Samantha got a record player for Christmas and started collecting all different types of vinyl. She would put the album, Folklore by Taylor Swift on, while she read one of her favourite books Six of Crows. Growing up she adored the book Anne of Green Gables, that book made her realize that one day she would want stacks of books and vinyl’s lying around her room. She can say that she achieved this goal in 2021.

She found out what types of music she loved as well as books. Her favourite genre of books is romance, fantasy, and classics. With this hobby of hers, it was hard for her to financially support the cost of vinyl records and books, she was slowly working her way into debt. Luckily she has been helping her dad with jobs at her cabin and is now doing okay. Samantha will continue to explore new worlds in her books and will overcome problems and move through her life with music.

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