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Saving Private Ryan

Hello my name is Carson and i am going to be telling you about Saving Private Ryan

In the begging there was a part when they needed to get the amour on Shr but there were LMGS on the hill so it was hard to get up alive,Quite of bit of soldiers died but there was able to get a angle and sniped him right to the face so they were able to rotate up the hill and get the amour to the spot they needed after a while of helping the downed guys they left on the ship

I really enjoyed this movie alot i liked watching how world war II was done and what it was like for the soldiers fighting,I love how the focused on the bet friends talks and the coms and the fights insted of just looking at the scene,1 thing i wish the did’t do was at the beginning the most of the scene was the river with blood all threw it insted of focusing on when they were fighting for high ground to get the amour to shour before the people got killed that were surivious from the LMGS

The end was sad and cool sad because the found someone named Ryan and had to tell him that his 2 brothers had died and he said thats not possible because his 2 brothers were still in grammar school then they finally realized that they had the wrong Ryan so they had to try and find the real 1 was somewhere else after a while they were able to find him and get him back to saftey

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