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Sebastians Bio


Sebastian is a student at Griffith Woods school in Calgary, Alberta. His favorite subject is Science, and he loves sports; his favorite sport is Football, and he plays on the Wildcats Football team.

Sebastians favourite classes are

  • Science

  • Math

  • Woodshop

  • Communications and tech

  • Gym

  • Art

Before Sebastian was a student at Griffith Woods, he used to go to Catholic school. He went there from grades k-3, Sebastian used to play competitive Lacross and Soccer. He played Competitive Lacross for two years and Competitive Soccer for 10 years! As recreational sports, Sebastian does skiing and snowboarding.

When Sebastian is not in school or playing sports, he’s probably gaming. Some of his favourite games include Call of Duty, Warzone, Splitgate, Minecraft and Valorant! If Sebastian is not gaming, he would be watching youtube or netflix, some of his favorite movies are Spiderman 2, Pacific Rim, Super 8, Avengers Endgame, and Top gun.

With these sports, Sebastian also gets many injuries, some of his biggest injuries are a broken collar bone, broken finger, fractured wrist, sprained ankle, and a sprained wrist. Every time Sebastian has gotten an injurie, he walks it off and gets back on his feet. Some, take longer than others but he always gets the job done.

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