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Roundabout, a review for the very fascinating season finale

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

For my inhale I watched the season 3 finale of Ben 10 2016 & annotated on Ben's character growth. My goal was #2: Interpret & explain characters qualities & motivations in a text using purposefully chosen evidence to deepen understanding. For my exhale I made air dry clay figures of some of the characters. My goal was #9: Create a text that uses strategies & techniques to develop characters & bring them to life. I had a really fun time watching a children's show for a change & I felt that I worked hard on this project.

Description: The air dry clay figures are meant to represent the 3 main characters, Ben, Gwen & Kevin, plus Charmcaster. I have a hobby of creating air dry clay figures so I decided to incorporate it in this project. After watching the Special & annotating on Ben’s character, I decided to sculpt some of the characters with Air dry clay. I made the hero’s colour’s look Bright & joyful, while the villains were dull & plain. The reason I did this is so I could add contrast & make it clear who are the heroes, villains & antiheroes. When you sculpt air dry clay, within the first 24-48 hours it feels so soft. But after 72 days, it becomes hard.

Theme: The theme of Ben 10 reboot is Action/Adventure. So I wanted to make my figures match that Genre. If someone watches the show, and they saw my “beautiful” figures, they would laugh & it would somewhat remind them of the show & it’s colourful art style.

Color Choices: The Colour choices I have decided to use are part of the character's designs itself. For example Gwen has Red hair & Green eyes, so it’s a no brainer I would use a green & a red/orange for the colours.

Layout: I choose to make Ben & Gwen shorter than Kevin because first of all in the show his character is a head taller than them. Second, he is one year older than them so it makes sense. Similarly with Charmcaster, I made her tallest because she is 3-4 years older than Gwen, Ben & Kevin. I gave Charmcaster a frown due to how rude her personality is. Since the audience tends to dislike her, I might have given her some gothy makeup which looks similar to her design in the show.

Details: The thing with Airdry clay is that it dries fast. So I couldn’t specifically add too much detail because the clay would start to dry in an hour or 2. So I decided to simply give them simpler designs. Also I know Charmcaster has white hair but I used Yellow because I didn’t have any white. But in the end I tried my best & that is what matters. The purpose for writing this is to show to the characters the character designs, but in a similar colorful art style the characters usually have. The text’s features & language choices changed my point of view & inspired me to do an inhale & about this show. It is my favourite show & has influenced many aspects of my interests. That is how I emulated the style of a particular creator. In this case the creator of Ben 10 2016. I reflected on how the text’s features & language common this genre influenced my choices.

And if you still don't know what a roundabout is, click the link!


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