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Silvana S & Sophia F's Artist Statement, a review about mango ice cream.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The painting:

Description: It appeals to fans of summer, when you feel the texture you are reminded of

sand in real life. It’s bright, joyful, bold, creative and inspiring. Oh and my partner disagrees. She thinks the sand looks like mango ice cream.

Theme: We want our viewer to gaze at the beach and convince them to read the story. We are trying to convey the idea of introducing the setting to the audience so we did our best to recreate the beach where Tomas and Santosh became friends.

Colour Choices: The choices we have shown explain and say to the viewer that “hey, this is a beautiful beach. I wonder if a problem could happen in this colourful and festive beach?”

Layout: The golden sand is at the bottom because it can’t float on water or in/on the sky. So the air/sky rests on the water. Which washes up on the sand. That is why we choose this layout. Because this may be a painting, but it still can be realistic.

Details: This beach symbolizes the setting and is where the character development happens and he meets Tomas. Then in that moment Santosh realizes that there is more to life than getting perfect grades. Namely making friends.

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